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Timothy Allen, M.D
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Timothy Allen, MD

Timothy Craig Allen, M.D., J.D., is a Clinical Professor of Pathology at UTMB. He is a pulmonary pathologist as well as an attorney with a specialty in health-care law. Physicians from around Texas and the nation send him “tough cases” to review for diagnosis.

Dr. Allen obtained his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in 1984 and completed his residency in anatomic and clinical pathology, subsequently serving on the faculty of Baylor College of Medicine until 1995. He then attended the University of Chicago Law School and graduated with the degree of Doctor of Law With Honors in 1998, subsequently practicing health care law and litigation. Dr. Allen completed a 2-year fellowship in pulmonary pathology in the Texas Medical Center in 2004. He is currently Professor of Pathology, Director of Anatomic Pathology, and Laboratory Director of the Department of Laboratory Services at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Allen is certified by the American Board of Pathology in anatomic and clinical pathology, with added qualification in cytopathology. He is an associate editor of the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Dr. Allen is the president of the Pulmonary Pathology Society and president-elect of the Texas Society of Pathology. He is Governor of the College of American Pathologists Board of Governors, and is chair, co-chair, or member of several CAP Councils and Committees. He has authored and coauthored numerous articles and book chapters on pulmonary pathology and medicolegal issues and has coauthored and co-edited several books on pulmonary pathology. Dr. Allen is series coeditor of the Advances in Surgical Pathology series.